What we stand for

A Vision

We aim to create welcoming, accessible spaces on digital platforms and interactive media where worship, learning, community, and relationship-building can flourish.

An Action

Through our online church services, live-streamed and archived sermons, and talk shows fostering thoughtful dialog and library resources, we aim to compassionately engage spiritual questions and provide hope.

An Identity

We are a pioneering non-profit harnessing technology to disseminate the Gospel’s message worldwide. Embracing innovation, they amplify faith through digital platforms, ushering listeners into spiritual enlightenment and connectivity with divinity.

FCC Application

On December 14, 2023, Gateway to Heaven Inc., filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for a new LPFM station for Channel 239, Topeka, Kansas, Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments and petitions on the application can visit:

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Established in Topeka Kansas, don't be afraid to reach out to us.

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